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Our goal is to prove that healthy eating does not have to be boring.

OMG Healthy Grub will provide you with all the tools necessary to keep you on track to a healthier lifestyle through our exquisite prepared meals. By taking all the hassle and time out of shopping and preparing your weekly meals, you have more time to focus on YOU.

The team at OMG Healthy Grub is dedicated to providing an experience with every meal. In order to produce passionate flavors and a healthy alternative to traditional dishes, we utilize local farms to ensure the best quality products for our customers. Chef Mike is devoted to his craft, and his love for cooking is expressed in each dish. We, here at OMG, are confident about every meal that goes through our doors.

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Since my beginnings in the restaurant industry 12 years ago as a prep cook, I have learned many things not only about the food and beverage industry, but about health and nutrition. I started out as a cook who was starting to learn how to make incredible food, not just for others, but for myself. After a major back injury, I started to fall into the enormous demographic of people who are out of shape. I was completely out of commission and i started to ask “What am I doing with myself?”. After some time, I decided to really focus and dedicate my time to learning everything I could about health and nutrition. I decided to leave the chain restaurant kitchens I had been working in and started to reach out to chefs I actually wanted to work for. From there, I started to learn the style of cooking I always wanted to be apart of.

Omg Healthy Grub Meal Prep has been in the making for 5 years. After I dedicated myself to becoming healthy and getting in shape, I started to take the same skill and knowledge I learned from the great chefs I’ve worked for and apply them towards healthy eating. I would create meals with the finest and freshest locally sourced ingredients and prepare them for myself every day. This started to become my own unique style of cooking. I didn’t want to just eat healthy. I wanted to eat good while eating healthy. I used several different combinations of flavors and ingredients until I found what I liked.

After seeing incredible results, I started to realize that this would be something I could share with everyone. I decided to take healthy eating to another level. I started to ask myself “Why does eating healthy always have to be in such a small box?” In my opinion, eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to torment yourself. I realized that what I’ve learned, I could apply to my own unique personal style of healthy eating. That is what we do today. We take the finest and freshest locally sourced ingredients and apply them to incredible combinations of dishes. I have personally made sure that you will never be bored with what we have to offer.

As a former All-Region, All-Conference, Division I collegiate athlete, I have come to understand that physical exercise is an important element in staying healthy; however, a balanced diet is critical to maintaining your overall well-being, whether it be on or off of the field. Since my days of playing college baseball, I have found that the options for healthy and convenient food are limited and even those can often be flavorless and monotonous.

It is my commitment to a healthy lifestyle and the lack of tasteful dietary choices that led me to OMG Healthy Grub. The quality, vision, and results produced by OMG Healthy Grub are designed for the person who doesn’t want to sacrifice flavor and quality in order “be healthy”. You only get so many minutes in your day, you shouldn’t waist another one on what you’re eating.

Being a three sport athlete my whole life, nutrition is something that was always important to me. Even today I try my best to keep myself healthy and eat food that fuels my body. I just became sick and tired of eating bland boring food.

OMG proves that you don’t have to sacrifice flavor and satisfaction to eat healthy. I completely changed my cooking style when I started working for OMG Healthy Grub. I am proud to say I found the solution for the happy and healthy eating lifestyle that I was looking for.

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